Kelly Etue

Marie Mameza
over 2 years agoJune 1, 2018
Kelly is responsive, hardworking, competent and tenacious. She focuses on getting results & does not give up. When problems arise, she finds ways to work around & does not give up. I almost lost a house & with it, $9500 deposit, because the appraiser screwed up. She got on the phone the entire evening with the company's president & found solutions, so we could still close. Most people would have simply given up & moved to the next project, she did not. My kind of woman.  She is a huge asset to the company because she is one of the first people, that clients deal with to get the process started, a good gatekeeper. Although most people I have dealt with at Center Street have been nothing but professional & kind, she is one of the most organized and meticulous. I hope the company recognizes her value.
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